Peuh !


Welcome to website of Fal Druim's great race: Cassos!

Cassos! is a free little3D game written in Java by a bunch of crazy french froggies. It's also a contest to allow anyone to show it's abilities and compete against it's friends.

The game is inspired from the other game Dark Age of Camelot and even more by the player guild La Canaille de Fal Druim. By the way, since you will be racing by controlling one of these fellows please try to bring it back in one piece!

To play Cassos! just have a look at the Download section where everything is explained. Of course a look at the Player's Guide won't hurt. Finally if you want to register your scores, you will have to Register.

In any way, subscribed or not, you can have a look at the Scores and know who to applause and even more who to laugh at.

WARNING ! Start the game only works if you have already successfully installed the game using Webstart !